Amethyst Oval Bead Bracelet

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  • Stretchable Elastic Natural Crystal Stone Amethyst Bracelet | Diameter: 2.5 Inch.| Shape - Oval. Charged By Reiki Grand Master & Vastu Expert
  • Natural Tranquility: Amethyst, known for its calming properties, promotes a sense of tranquility and peace. This bracelet serves as a wearable source of soothing energy to help balance your emotions.
  • Spiritual Insight: Amethyst is associated with enhancing spiritual awareness and insight. As you wear the bracelet, it can facilitate a deeper connection to your inner self and support meditation and introspection.
  • Elegant Design: Each bead in the bracelet is carefully selected for its rich purple hue, creating a visually stunning and harmonious piece.
  • Discover the serene beauty and metaphysical benefits of our Amethyst Bracelet—an exquisite accessory crafted with genuine amethyst gemstones to enhance your well-being and elevate your style.

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* Amethyst Bracelet: Embrace Calm and Spiritual Insight.
* Holistic Well-being: Amethyst is believed to have a range of holistic benefits, from promoting relaxation to aiding in stress relief. Wearing this bracelet allows you to carry the energy of amethyst with you throughout the day.
* Thoughtful Gift: Share the gift of serenity and style with loved ones. The Amethyst Bracelet makes for a meaningful and fashionable present for birthdays, celebrations, or moments when a touch of tranquility is appreciated.
* Embrace the calming energy and beauty of amethyst with our Amethyst Bracelet—an elegant reminder to find balance and peace in your daily life.
* Note: The Amethyst Bracelet is a natural product, and variations in color and pattern may occur. Its perceived energetic properties are often rooted in metaphysical beliefs.

    Legal Disclaimer :
  • We cannot guarantee that the colors, sizes & textures displayed on our website will exactly match the colors, sizes & textures of the product that you ordered as every stone is mined differently. If you have any questions about a particular color or shade, please contact us prior to ordering for clarification.
  • All dimensions are measured by hand, so there might be a very slight variation.
  • The image has been enlarged for better viewing so kindly go through the mentioned dimensions of the Product for actual sizes of the product.
  • The Product is make from Natural Stones so small holes, crack marks on the surface or inside the stones are often visible.
    Safety Information :
  • Detergents and lotions can damage the finishing and colour of the stones / crystals.
  • So don't dip your stones / crystals in water. Jewellery should always be removed before swimming and washing dishes.
  • It can be kept in jewellery case or stored in a plastic or soft cloth bag to protect.
  • Clean fashion jewellery with a soft 100% cotton.
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