Feng Shui Evil Eye Car and Door Hanging with Three Fish

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This Attractive Evil Eye With Fish Can Also Be Used As A Car Or A Door Hanging.
Hang on northeastern section of your house, office, study room office for best use/Used as a wall hanging or in vehicles, it provides total protection against evil influences and ensures longevity of its owners.
Evil eye amulets and jewelry are intended to bring good luck and protection to its owner.
Color : Silver & Blue : Height : 15 cm : Width : 5 cm : Weight : 40 Grams (Approximate)

•Evil Eye Amulet Hanging for Car / Door The Evil Eye is a symbol found across the Mediterranean famous for its power of protection against the Evil Eye, the eye of jealousy.
•The Victory Banner is a symbol of triumph which originates from the Eastern regions of the world.
•This special hanging charm combines energies from both symbols to protect you against harm caused by jealous competitors, colleagues, politics in the workplace, and gives you the power to rise victorious over them.
•Hang this amulet in the Northeast sector of your office, living room or study to protect against jealousy.

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