Fengshui Wind Chimes Home Positive Energy Windchimes Hanging 12 Bell

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  • Wind chimes blowing, bringing great sound, and pleasing,
  • This ornamental bell is rich of feng shui symbolism, and in Chinese culture, hanging it can bring you good luck.
  • The wind bell is feast for the eyes and perfect for self-cultivation
  • A great garden hanging decoration, excellent gift and collectables
  • Suitable for Home decoration, decorations; Hanging on the door, the windows; Hanging in the room

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* Wind chimes can be placed in a veranda, patio, garden, long window and also in kitchen space.
* The traditional use of wind chimes was to fend off animals but nowadays they are used as soothing musical tools and as a good luck charm.
* The vibrations and soft musical notes of wind chimes helps to relax, soothe your nerves and remove stress.
* This soothing tinkling sound of the wind chimes helps to connect with the inner soul to find peace.
* In Feng Shui, the sound of wind chime is used to cure mental stress and is believed to help in restoring the soul.
* Metal wind chimes should be placed in North, Northwest or West side of the house whereas the wooden wind chimes should be placed in South, Southeast and East side.

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