Aroma Oil Burner Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp for Fragrance (Free Camphor Oil - 15 ml)

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  • Salt Lamp is carved from Natural Rock Salt around 2 million years old with infinitive benefits.
  • HOW SALT LAMPS WORK : Salt absorbs water vapors from the atmosphere, this process is called hygroscopic. In the process negative ions are produced. The bacteria, virus are positively charged and negative ions generated from the lamp neutralize them.
  • BENEFITS OF A SALT LAMP: Keeping a salt lamp in your bedroom promotes sound sleep. Purifies & Deodorizes the Air. Neutralizes Electromagnetic Radiation.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 Himalayan Salt Lamp with 1 Power Cable (with Bulb Holder and Leads) and 1 Bulb 15W.
  • IRON BOWL DIMENSIONS : Height : 19 cm Width 15 cm WEIGHT : 2.5 KG (Approx)

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The Himalayan salt lamp Essential Oil burner reduces fatigue and negative ions. It helps to balance the electromagnetic pollution release by computers and office equipment. It improves concentration, enhances the environment and increases productivity.

Take care of the Himalayan salt lamp
* 1.Clean the Himalayan salt lamp essential oil burner by wiping it with a slightly wet sponge and dry it with a paper towel.
* 2.While not using the Himalayan salt lamp essential oil burner periods, store it in a plastic bag.

Benefits of keeping the Himalayan Salt Lamp essential oil burner
* It freshens the air.
* The Essential oils for instance; lavender in the environment elevates mood and reduces stress and fatigue.
* The scented aura helps to provide a better and deep sleep.
* Its calming effect leaves afresh, boosts the energy levels.
* It helps to stay active and improves concentration.
* It is known for boosting Blood Flow.
* Increases Energy Levels.
* Boosts blood Flow.
* Raises Energy Levels.
* It fills the surrounding with a positive aura.

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