Reiki Personalized healing

At Reiki Crystal Products, we offer personalized healing sessions for in-person or to a person located at a distance. Our personalized healing sessions are appreciated for its excellent curing effect emotionally, spiritually, mentally or physically — or a combination of all these. Personalized Reiki Healing sessions are perfect to bring the body and mind into an ideal state of well being by opening and balancing the Chakras i.e. the energy centers of the body. Reiki Personalized Healing Sessions are ideal for an assorted number of conditions as given below:

Contact us today to get your detailed aura scanning report that would reveal the followings:

  • Pain Relief.

  • Overcome Emotional Trauma.

  • Reduce Dependency on Drug or Alcohol.

  • Obesity Control.

  • Stress Relief.

  • Spiritual Development.

  • Building willpower.

  • and many more...