Green Singing Bowl 5 Inch with Wooden Stick

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  • The bowl produce peaceful, calming, harmonic and soothing sound when tapped or played around the rim. Perfect to yourself to relaxing & meditation.
  • Singing Bowls are ancient method of healing the Mind Body and Soul. They reverberating "OM" sound which repels negative energies and attracts positive and healing energy.
  • Easy to play: Gently tap the mallet in one hand to the outside and inside edges of the bowl or play it around the rim which create unique tones with a beautiful peaceful calming and relaxing sound.
  • Touching Sound a type of energy medicine that promotes healing from stress disorders, pain, depression and most forms of diseases which the healing processes are initiated through entraining our brainwaves to synchronize with the perfect resonance of the bowls.
  • Ornaments and Symbolism rare Mantra engraving on both sides as well as powerful symbolism at the bottom (gratitude, compassion, awareness, enlightenment). Singing bowls are one of the ancient Tibetan meditation tools. Dimensions: Size: 5 Inch Material: Metal Alloy. Package Contents: Singing Bowl and Wooden Striker Stick.


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Singing Bowl is an amazing instrument to play and clean the negativities from a place. As in Hinduism we play shank. Shank disintegrates the negative energies from a place with sound vibrations. Singing Bowl is a Buddhist concept of disintegrating and cleaning the negative energies by sound waves. The main benefit of using a Singing Bowls is that it is very easy to play and handle. We should always rotate the striker - play the bowl clockwise. Singing Bowls amplifies any intention with which it is played. So we can use singing bowl to clean the place our homes, rooms, offices, shops from all kinds of negative energies and vibrations. We can charge the place with positive energies and much more. Use it regularly to experience its benefits.

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