Tiger Eye & 7 Chakra with Hamsa 8 mm Beads Bracelet for Reiki Healing

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  • Stretchable Elastic Handmade Tiger Eye with 7 Chakra Bracelet | Diameter : 2.5 Inch. | Stone Size – 8 mm | Shape - Round
  • 7 Chakra Bracelet—a wearable symbol of balance, vitality, and spiritual connection
  • The bracelet is adorned with a colorful array of natural gemstones, including amethyst, lapis lazuli, green jade, and more. Each stone contributes its unique energy to create a harmonious blend.
  • Embrace the holistic power of our 7 Chakra Bracelet—an exquisite piece designed to align and balance your energy centers, promoting harmony, vitality, and spiritual well-being.
  • Spiritual Connection: As you wear the 7 Chakra Bracelet, it serves as a reminder to stay connected to your spiritual self. The balanced energy from each chakra stone promotes a sense of well-being and positive vibes.

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Product description

7 Chakra crystals are a tool and can be like a storage battery for thought energy.
* Clearing has to do with the energy of the stone or crystal.
* Chakra crystals can be programmed with our thought energy and then act on our subtle chakra energy fields.
They also help to create situations in our lives that will lead us in directions that allow positive growth and healing.

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