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We are leading suppliers of Reiki Healing Products, Crystal Healing Products, Healing Crystals, Precious and Semi-Precious Stones, etc. Our experienced team is constantly working and excelling to provide innovative uses of various stones and crystals products to heal all physical, mental and emotional problems and diseases of users. The Crystal Products designed and charged with Reiki Healing Energy also helps create a positive aura. They transform all kinds of negative energies into positive energies and help attract health, wealth, luck, prosperity, love, peace and harmony in life, home and offices.

We have a complete range of Crystal Healing Products in the form of Crystal Healing Wands, Crystal Points, Crystal Pyramids, Chakra Healing Sets, Reiki Symbol Engraved Sets, Crystal Pendulums, Crystal Dowsers, Metal Pendulums, Crystal Malas, Crystal Bead Necklaces, Crystal Bracelets, Tumbled Stones, Crystal Trees, Crystal Spheres, Crystal Pencil Pendants, Crystal Massage Wands, Crystal Obelisks, Crystal Hearts, Crystal Pendants, Charka Pendants, Crystal Angel and many Fengshui, Vastu & Metaphysical Crystal Products etc    

Amritpal Singh

Amritpal Singh is a practitioner, consultant, and facilitator of various  metaphysical healing modalities like Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Magnified  Healing, Numerology, Crystal Vastu, Bach Flower Remedies and SuJok. He is an   experienced practitioner of Reiki Healing – practicing healing, conducting training  and doing research in the field. He has mastered the field and blended it with  Crystal Healing for helping people achieve health, happiness, wealth, harmonious  relationships, education etc. His personal mantra is to achieve health, happiness,  and success by using a blend of various healing modalities and metaphysical  sciences like Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Numerology, Crystal Vastu, Magnified  Healing, Sujok and Bach Flower Remedies. 


 His extreme passion and connection with energies as a healer has brought him   the auspicious knowledge about the use of crystals for various healings and  helping people.  In this quest for betterment of life, he started Reiki Crystal  Products where he researches and provides solutions using crystals as tools to  heal various problems. His in-depth connection and knowledge with healing   energies gave him the insight to use these crystals for preparing customized  numerology grids to heal various aspects of the life of an individual, customized  crystal vastu to balance the vastu energies of a property just by placement of  healing stones/crystals and without any physical alterations/demolitions. In his  long journey, he has numerous successful healing cases/experiences of magical  results for individuals just by recommending crystals/stones for wearing and  placements. Practitioner, Consultant and facilitator for:

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