Energy is the basic entity of every living or non-living object is this universe and every object that has energy has an aura which surrounds it. This unique energy field i.e. Aura has seven different types of energy layers that have an imprint of the emotions and desires. These energy layers are directly related to the emotional, mental, karmic, spiritual and divine health that can be decoded through specific color they have. An aura photography is taken to gain the actual information and insight of the energy in the form of a colour spectrum using a specific kind of bio-energic sensor. The aura scanning procedure can reveal the quality of your body and life so you can have actual insight that is extremely beneficial and individualistic.

Contact us today to get your detailed aura scanning report that would reveal the followings:

  • Basic personality features and behavioral pattern.

  • Degree of success in power & money.

  • Presence of healing powers within your body.

  • An insight to your near future.

  • Emotional and Karmic blockages in your life.

    • Prithvi : Earth

    • Jal : Water

    • Agni : Fire

    • Vayu : Air

    • Ether : Akash

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