Reiki Distance Healing

Since Reiki energy transcends space and time, this healing therapy can be transmitted to anyone anywhere in the world at any time. No matter where the person is located across the globe, Reiki Masters can realign their energy to heal business, relationships, health and personal issues. The Reiki Distance Healing process is ideal to feel recharged and relaxed by reducing the disturbances in the energy. Distance Reiki Healing is nowhere less beneficial than an in-person Reiki Treatment and offers affordability and convenience to fit into your busy life.

Advantages of Reiki Distance Healing Process:

  • Increment in emotional, physical and spiritual energy.

  • Reduction in pain, stress and emotional strain.

  • Feeling of open mind, being loved, and joy in life.

  • Improvement in sleep quality.

  • Speedy recovery of wounds, surgery or illness.

  • Clears mind and improves creativity.

  • Feeling of confidence and relaxness for auditions and interviews.

  • Decreased addiction and dependency on drugs.

  • and much more…