We believe in helping the client with all his problems after clearly understanding and analyzing his problems. After that we decide on a healing method best suited for him.

  • Reiki Emergency Healing

    Healing is done to stabilize and avert problems of emergency and serious nature. The patient is instantly provided Reiki Healing to control the emergency nature of the problem so that it doesn’t turn into a bigger and much serious problem. It is highly recommended for serious cases such as accidents, operations, hospitalization, legal problems, relationships problems, etc.

  • Reiki Personalised Healing

    The basic characteristic of this healing method is physical proximity. Personalized Healing includes healing the patient’s problems through touch session. The 24 energy points of the Human Body are healed and energized. The 7 Chakras are also balanced and cleansed.

  • Reiki Distance Healing

    This method really helps understand the true power of Reiki. It cultivates Reiki’s faith as it is the healing method devoid of any physical realities. This is really exactly as it sounds –Reiki through a distance. It is highly effective and one of the best parts of this method is that the receiver is not bound up in any position and can easily move around and do whatever he wants while receiving Reiki, be it driving, working or anything the receiver can easily do all his jobs while receiving Reiki. Reiki can be widely given to anything – your work, your home, a situation, etc. It is trusted to heal all problems.

  • Crystal Healing

    This technique employs crystals and stones as healing tools. The crystals themselves are a source of energy. Combined with Reiki the effect of these stones is magnified. The stones are placed on different parts of the body. This is done in order to create an ‘energy grid’ around the body which would surround the client with healing energy. The chakras are thus cleaned, balanced and healed. The colors and properties of the stones used to correspond to the color of the chakras. This experience cleanses the body and with the use of these crystals negativity is removed and positivity is amplified. The Crystals can also be placed in Home, Offices, and Shops to generate positive energy and clear negative energy.

  • Aura Scanning

    In simple terms, an aura is luminous radiation that surrounds a person or object. The healer scans the aura to look for or determine the root cause of the problem the patient might be suffering from. The affected area or the problem is then healed from its root cause.

  • Meditation

    Various meditations techniques are taught to heal all kinds of problems and disease. Special guided meditations are also practiced and taught to relieve stress, attract happiness, love, health, wealth, prosperity and abundance.

  • Bach Flower Remedies

    Developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s, this treatment method heals the physical and emotional conditions and diseases of the patients. The Remedies are prepared by the dew collected on the flower petals having healing characteristics.


    Crystal Vastu

    Vastu is the science of placements and living. Consult today and “open door of peaceful, abundant and happy tomorrow”. We specialize in correction without alterations in physical structure, we do it by proper placement of crystals. Yantras and remedies.