Crystal Healing

  • Duration : 3 days (2 Hours a Day)
  • Exchange for Energy: Rs - 6,500/-
  • Medium : Online

What can we Explore and learn

  • Introduction to Crystals
  • Impact and use of different shapes of crystals eg. Balls, Pyramids, Pencils, Malas
  • Classification of Crystals
  • Impact and use of different forms of crystals eg. Rough, Clusters, Polished
  • Crsytals and Energy
  • Fundamental understanding how crystals work
  • Techniques to measure the aura of crystals
  • How to prepare gem excelair
  • Measuring Aura of person with and without Crystals
  • How to cleanse and energise food, rooms, clothes with crystals
  • Scanning weather a partular crystal is beneficial for a person or not
  • Introduction to healing properties of 50 odd crystals
  • Cleaning, programming and charging the crystals
  • Combination of crystals to heal various issues life relationship, wealth, finance, health, protection, depression
  • Chakras and Crystals a detailed study
  • Grid Formation with crystals
  • Chakra Healing with Crystals
  • Whole body healing by laying crystals

Certificate (PDF)
Crystal Healing Manual (PDF)
Healing Card Desk – having 48 printed cards with details about
their associated chakras, use and healing properties
12 Chakra Healing Kit

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