Numerology Consultation

Numbers play an important role in our life. All our life revolves around numbers in the form of our date of birth, our age, year, time, salary, height, weight, etc. Our name is also calculated in for the form of numbers. Do you know, a letter more or less in our name can determine the course of our destiny. In the course of our journey we have many questions, if answered by some expert can be very helpful for us.


Is our profession compatible with our life path?

Which field I choose in education?

Should I do job or business?

Is my partner compatible?

Should I do business partnership with this person or not?


Mr. Amritpal Singh has done extensive research with numbers. He has blended it with healing stones and crystals to create personalized number grids. The crystal number grids are then manifested with a special healing process. You can order your customized number grid to feel the magic in your life!

Numerology Reading 

1. Know your destiny crystal – Rs. 500

2. Check your mobile number compatibility – Rs. 500

3. Check your name number compatibility – Rs. 1100

4. Check for marriage match making compatibility – Rs. 1100

5. Check for partnership compatibility – Rs. 1100

6. Personal Numerology reading telephonically – Rs. 1500


1. Order your personalized number grid (Small Size) – Rs. 1500

2. Order your personalized number grid (Big Size) – Rs. 2500




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