Explore Our Wide Range of Reiki Crystal and Chakra Stone Products

At Reiki Crystal Products, we offer an assorted range of energizing products that are made using the judicial selection of 7 chakra stones, crystals, metals and other allied materials to let you bring closer to the natural healing solutions. All of our products have their own wonderful spiritual healing power apart from the beautiful look they have. Each of our Reiki product that you will choose is infused with Reiki energy to attract the secret power of the mother nature and universe for your overall well-being.


Our range of Reiki Crystal Products is quite large that includes Healing Wands, Pencils / Obelisks, Angels, Cabochons, Grids / Wish Boxes, Pyramids, Chakra Products, Balls, Bracelets, Malas & Necklaces, Pendants, Hearts & Eggs, Silver Jewelery, Crystal Figures, Dousers / Pendulums, Tumble Stones, Roughs, Clusters and Geodes, Rock Salt Lamps, Vastu / Feng Shui Items, and Crystal / Stones.

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