Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is a Japanese Healing Technique based on the principal of ‘Life Force Energy’. We are alive because life force energy is running through us. All humans are alike; they use the same resources for survival given by mother earth. The quality of one’s life is determined by the quality of life force energy of the person. Reiki Healing is an amazing technique for balancing the life force energy of the human beings. In the process of Reiki Healing the 7 Chakras are also balanced and cleansed.

Reiki Distance Healing really helps understand the true power of nature. It cultivates Reiki’s faith as it is the healing method devoid of any physical realities. This is really exactly as it sounds – Reiki through a distance. It is highly effective and one of the best parts of this method is that the receiver is not bound up in any position and can easily move around and do whatever he wants while receiving Reiki, be it driving, working or anything the receiver can easily do all his jobs while receiving Reiki. It can be widely given to anything – your work, your home, a situation, etc. It is trusted to heal all problems.

We provide Reiki Distance Healing Sessions for various issues like Chakra Balancing, Health, Wealth, Education, Relationship Healing etc.

  • Reiki Distance Chakra Balancing Session – Rs. 1100
  • Reiki Distance Chakra Balancing Session – Rs. 1100
  • Reiki Distance Healing Session for 11 days - 3500
  • Reiki Distance Healing Session for 21 days - 5100
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