30 Chakra Tumble Stones Kit

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  • 30 Tumble Stone Set (4 types of stones for each chakra) 100 % Natural And Rarely Available,
  • Experienced Crystal Healer has shortlisted best Healing Stones for Chakra Healing - You can experience the energy of 30 different natural stones
  • The Kit has a combination of 30 natural healing stones with their photos and names, which can also be a great gift for crystal / stone collectors / healers

* Ametrine - A stone strong healing energy,
* Black Obsidian - A Stone Problem Solver Protection,
* Champagne Quartz - A stone powerful purifier,
* Epitode - A stone depression, hopelessness,
* Goldstone Brown - A Stone Increases drive and confidence,
* Aquamarine - A stone Courage Self Awareness,
* Black Tourmaline - A stone the Protector,
* Cherry Quartz - A stone concentration so is an excellent choice for studying exams,
* Golden Rutile Quartz - A stone gives strength,
* Green Aventurine Mica - A stone comforts, harmonizes, protects the heart
* Black Agate - A stone grounding and protective crystal,
* Ruby - A stone restore vitality,
* Chrysoprase - A stone attract new love, abundance,
* Goldstone Blue - A stone said to promotes vitality,
* Green Rutile Quartz- A stone strongly protects your mind,
* Howlite - A stone Attunement Anger,
* Mahogany Obsidian - A stone strengthen the aura,
* Opalite - A stone reducing fatigue,
* Ruby Zoisite - A stone energy of happiness,
* Tektite - A stone strong energies,
* Lepidolite - A stone release and reorganisation,
* Moss Agate - A stone Growth and Emotional Balance,
* Peach Moonstone - A stone cure the diseases related,
* Snowflake Obsidian - A stone recognize and release,
* Variscite - A stone joyous feelings and bring peace and harmony,
* Lemon Quartz - A stone focus and amplify thoughts,
* Mukite Jasper - A stone beneficial energy to slow aging,
* Ruby Kyanite - A stone balances yin/yang energies,
* Spotted Jasper - A stone spiritual grounding and psychic protection,
* White Agate - A stone believed to be beneficial.

  • 100% Authentic, Original and Natural Healing Stone / Crystal - small holes, crack marks on the surface or inside the stones are often visible

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* The set is energized by experienced Reiki Healing Grandmaster to give positive, best and quick results.
* 1 set can be carried in your bag.
* 1 set can also be place around bed or keep 1 set in your office / shop at your seat.
* You can also place the stone around you while meditating.

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