Citrine 10 mm Round Bead Bracelet

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  • Stretchable Elastic Natural Crystal Stone Citrine Bracelet | Diameter : 2.5 Inch.| Stone Size – 10 mm Beads | Shape - Round. Charged By Reiki Grand Master & Vastu Expert
  • Illuminate your style and invite the vibrant energies of our Citrine Stone Bracelet—an exquisite accessory crafted with genuine Citrine gemstones known for their association with joy, positivity, and abundance.
  • Joyful Energy: Citrine is celebrated for its sunny and uplifting energy, promoting a sense of joy and optimism. Wear this bracelet to infuse your day with positivity and attract good vibes.
  • Abundance Magnet: Known as the "Merchant's Stone," Citrine is associated with abundance and prosperity. Let this bracelet be a symbol of your intention to manifest wealth, success, and financial well-being.
  • Optimism and Positivity: Citrine is believed to dispel negative energies and inspire a positive outlook on life. Embrace the optimistic energy of this bracelet as you navigate challenges with resilience.

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* Citrine Stone Bracelet: Radiate Joy and Abundance.
* Warm Golden Glow: The bracelet showcases the warm and golden hues of Citrine, creating a visually stunning and versatile accessory. Its elastic design ensures a comfortable fit for various wrist sizes.
* Creativity and Manifestation: Citrine is linked with the solar plexus chakra, supporting creativity and personal power. Use this bracelet as a tool for manifesting your goals and expressing your unique talents.
* Versatile Style: Beyond its metaphysical benefits, the Citrine Stone Bracelet seamlessly integrates into your style. Whether for daily wear or special occasions, it adds a touch of warm elegance to your ensemble.
* Thoughtful Gift: Share the joyful and abundance-attracting energies of Citrine with loved ones. This bracelet makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift, especially for those embarking on new ventures.
* Adorn your wrist with the radiant essence of Citrine—a symbol of joy, abundance, and positive manifestation.
* Note: The Citrine Stone Bracelet is a natural product, and variations in color and pattern may occur. Its perceived energetic properties are often rooted in metaphysical beliefs.

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