Copper Dowsing L Rod - Divining Rods Pair

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•L-Rods, also known as angle Rods are L shaped wires traditionally used for field dowsing.
•Copper L-Rods and L-Rods with sleeves are the most popular among dowsers.
•L-Rods respond by either opening, or closing when asked a question.
•L-Rods can also point in a direction when searching for an object.
•Some dowsers use L-Rods for space clearing or feng shui.
•Dowsers use L-Rods for locating water, treasure, energy, food, directions and information.L-Rods are useful for any type of dowsing.

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•After the pendulum, L-rods are probably the most widely used of the dowsing tools.
•However, they can give people problems, particularly at first when trying to make them behave properly.
•So learning how to use l rods is something which every dowser should get to grips with.
•Some people can't seem to get them moving whilst others can't seem to get them to stop.
•o be a competent dowser, you should have some knowledge of the major tools.
•Once you learn how to use l rods, you'll find that, for a lot of your dowsing needs, you don't really need both of them.
•One works perfectly well.
•But, as they are invariably sold in pairs, you'll start out using them in pairs.
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