Geopathic Neutralizer Stress Rods 8 Inch

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•Vastu Yantras removes out the evil effects and helps in improving the status of money, wealth, health, and success for a happy and peaceful life.
•It helps to rectify the faults of a building, site, home, office or a structure due to wrong construction or creation.
•It will protect you from Evil Spirit, Nazar Dosh(Evil Eye), Karmic Related Problems, Kaal Sarp Dosh, Pitar Rin etc.
•Copper Rods is 8 Inch long which covers Negative area in a regular size plot and Create's Positive Energy which Leads to Health, Wealth and Prosperity.

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•Geopathic stress means problem arising through earth.
•It is also called Earth Radiation.
•Below the level of earth, negative energy rises to the top level due to more energy and dirty and poisonous water.In some places of our house, these earth radiations are stress kendrit and this stress gives negative effect to human bodies and our lives.
•80 percent diseases are due to earth radiations.
•If a person sleeps or sits in this area for longer, that person will face a severe disease.
•So it becomes very important to release this earth radiation using Geopathic Neutralizer Rods.Two rods are used to release one point.
•This advance yantra has become very useful for Vastu Shastris.
•Once this energy is released from the house, it becomes very important to release it from the human body as well in order to avoid the diseases.
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