Natural Labradorite Earring Pendant With Metal Chain Jhumki Locket For Unisex

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  • Natural Crystal Stone Labradorite Pendant with Earring: Length : 2 cm : Width - 1.5 cm Approx. Pendant Charged By Reiki Grand Master & Vastu Expert
  • Adorn your nack and earr with the enchanting energies of our Labradorite Stone Pendant with Earring—an alluring accessory crafted with genuine Labradorite gemstones known for their mystical iridescence, spiritual insight, and transformative qualities.
  • Mystical Iridescence: Labradorite is renowned for its mesmerizing play of colors, creating a captivating and mystical appearance. Wear this pendant with earring to carry the enchanting energies of Labradorite with you throughout the day.
  • Spiritual Insight: Connected with the third eye and crown chakras, Labradorite is believed to enhance intuition and spiritual insight. Let this pendant with earring be a companion on your spiritual journey, promoting inner wisdom and higher consciousness.
  • Protective Shield: Labradorite is often considered a protective stone, creating a shield against negative energies. Invite a sense of spiritual protection and energetic balance as you incorporate this pendant with earring into your daily wear.

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